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There are many ways to say farewell and no funeral is the same. Below is some basic information on the types of services we can offer families. To view our main service inclusions please click the red button below. Otherwise please feel free to read through the different options below by clicking the + sign next to the corresponding service. 

Non attended cremations are where there is no formal funeral or memorial service but simply the cremation and necessary paperwork completed. This can also be for burials where there is no attendance to the burial at the cemetery site. Whilst there is no service we still provide a high level of care for the deceased and the family.

Memorial services are slightly different from a funeral service. At a memorial the cremation or burial has occurred prior to the service starting. There is no coffin present but most families will opt to have items of significance on display to represent their loved ones life. This option of service is becoming more common and can reduce the overall costs.

Cremation services are where the deceased is present in a coffin or casket at the funeral service. The funeral service can be held at a church or venue of choice. At the conclusion of the funeral service the coffin/casket is transported to the crematorium. Generally cremations occur on the day of service.
Similar to the cremation service the burial service is held in either a church or venue of choice with the only difference being that funerals can be held by the graveside at the cemetery. Generally a burial service will include witnessing the interment into the burial plot. However we can offer our staff to provide this service should you not wish to attend.

Viewings are where you spend time with your loved one. This can be done just prior to service but it’s recommended that it is done a day or so before. Viewings can be done with the Coffin/Casket lid closed, whichever is preferred and is a chance for you to say goodbye in a private manner. Viewings can be done at a residence or a private viewing room if required prior to service. 

Embalming options are available for preserving the body and reducing the chances of deterioration, however modern refrigeration means that this costly expense isn’t always needed. Our Funeral Arrangers will advise the best course of action.