Order of Service Booklets

Order of Service booklets are available to be printed and handed out at the service. The benefit of these booklets is it provides some guidance as to the service flow and also allows for important information like the location of a wake etc to be provided to guests. Order of service are fully customisable with our team able to adjust the layout and design to truly suit your requirements.

Alternatives to Order of Service Booklets

From Single page Service Flyers to laminated bookmarks to keyrings or stickers there are many more printed memorial items available for your loved one's service.

Photo Presentation

A picture says a thousand words and can add a unique layer to your loved one's service. Our team can help guide and create a unique photo presentation to help bring old memories to the screen. It can be difficult to decide which photo's to include but we have options and solutions to assist you.

Live Stream

In the age of COVID nothing is more important than to have a service live streamed. A number of venues provide this service but Cornerstone Funerals works also with local companies that can provide live stream and recording services to capture the funeral/memorial and allow those who can't physically be at the service an access point to partake in the farewell.